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Gotta Catch 'Em....All? by Jasmo Gotta Catch 'Em....All? by Jasmo
That one week where my computer was down(the power supply needed to be replaced) I had generously, and stupidly, volunteered to paint 'tape animals' that some kids had made. I ended up with a very sore painting arm and shoulder after the whole ordeal that took a few weeks to recover from.

To set up: My mom is a teacher and she teaches Gifted and Talented kids, this year she's teaching in a pull out program(where kids travel to her school to learn something they aren't learning in their own classes or she goes to their school and the kids leave their class to go to hers). I generally volunteer to help her teach art since, well, I have a degree in it. Normally she has the resources the kids need to do the projects she would like to do but, this time she didn't.

"Tape Animals" is a project where kids(in elementary grades) apply their knowledge of geometrical shapes in the form of balling up scrap paper and taping it together with masking tape to resemble the shape of whatever animal they like. Once the animal is entirely covered in tape, with no paper showing and no gaps in between the tape layers, they paint their animal with acrylics provided by the school.

This time, though, we barely had enough tape to go around the modest sized class and we had no paint, no brushes, no resources for them to finish their project. Mom had to travel to this school, and being of grandmotherly age and needing two hip replacements, she couldn't cart(or spend the money on) the paint and extra supplies to finish the project. The kids didn't even have that much time to make them, either. It usually takes a good solid hour to make your animal, if you have a reference in front of you(I've made a few tape animals and generally try to do the project with the kids or make an example for them). It takes another 1-3 hours to paint your animal, depending on effort and skill level. If you're a young kid it's an hour, an older kid up to 3 hours.

But, no paint for them meant blank animals, like that bear up there. My mom asked me if I would be willing to paint (16) animals and I of course said 'yes', it's for the childrens. Little did I realize at the time that there were 16 animals and it would take me 3 hours per animal to paint. Even more: some of the animals were unfinished or looked terrible(like 3rd degree burn victims) because the kids had to rush their project. When I received that bear up there it was just a skinny oval shaped body. I felt terrible.

So, I touched up all the animals I could, repairing some, finishing others(the kids sent cute and kind notes along with their animals telling me what they were and how they wanted them painted) and then painted them. I had a week to finish all of them. Thankfully mom helped over the weekend, painting on the base coats of many of the animals, leaving the details to me.

I was able to finish everything on time and even got to see most of the kid's reactions when they saw their animals for the first time. It would have been worth it, if the principal had been just as grateful as the kids but, she wasn't. She was actually bummed out and upset because she wanted to be able to submit the kid's projects into a district contest that had cash prizes but couldn't because the kids didn't paint the animals themselves.

It left a bitter taste in my mouth.

Still, can you guess which one was my favorite?(and I did make two of my own, an elephant and a white tiger, I will post them up when the tiger is done)

And brownie points if you can guess all the animals, some of them are kinda difficult(and that first picture was taken with an iPad).
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AnikiraDaimao Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2013
Jasmo, you're a peach among peaches! I don't know of many teachers who would be willing to go the distance like your mom, and I really could count only on one hand the number of people willing to assist a teacher in this respect. :) Considering the amount of time you had to complete the projects, I'd say you did a bang-up job. And that principal can stuff it and should be more appreciative of your hard work to make the kids happy. I've actually never heard about this art medium, but I'll definitely share it with my cousin (whom you remind me of both in talent and appearance). I'm sure she'd have fun doing this project with her kids. :D

P.S. My guess for the animals is a monarch butterfly, black cat, pinto (or paint which could be a mustang) horse, rottweiler (or dachshund?), monkey, black bear, tiger, ladybug, rhino, Amazon river dolphin, manatee(?), mallard duck, alligator, and a turtle. Can't wait to see your finished elephant and white tiger!
Jasmo Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2013
Thank you so much! :hug: We're both too nice for our own good, most of the time. ;p

The medium itself is really fun and quick to do once you get the hang of it. The most expensive part of it are the paints but it doesn't take that much, depending on how large the project is. For something 1'x1' it takes a roll of 1" masking tape(I don't recommend 2", it's too large and you end up ripping it in half the entire time) and about 40 pieces of 8.5"x11" paper. For the school kids we used those giant sheets of colored paper that come on the rolls instead of normal paper that the school had for bulletin boards.

And you got all but the 'manatee' correct, it was supposed to be a beluga(it had no face when I got it, looked like a tear drop with rectangles sticking off of it)
AnikiraDaimao Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2013
Awesome, I'll definitely be passing that along to my cousin. :) Thanks so much for sharing how the medium is done, Jasmo. :hug: And I'm sure you're right about you and your mom being too nice... but it's not a bad thing. ;P  

Sweet, I'm glad I got almost all of them right! :D Bless the poor little one's heart, I'm sure the student really tried. ^^;
iytj Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2013
Jasmo Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2013
Thank you. ^_^
iytj Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2013
you're very welcome!

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