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Most of the things in my gallery are not originally my own art. That being said, I obtain permission before posting anything or what I am posting was part of a contest/challenge that inherently gives many people permission to post the contest/challenge piece. Some of the things I post come from the color-me-club or other groups that encourage artists to color the works uploaded to the group.

If I do not have written or said permission from someone to post something I colored then I won't post it at all.

Good Stock and Resources

The Scar Meme by humon

For other great references I recommend:

A group dedicated to textures::iconbest-textures:

Brushes: :iconproject-gimpbc: This is where I get all of my brushes, they are already converted to GIMP and are ready to use!

Also take a look at this journal, it lists all the resources I've used to help me grow over the years. :nod:


Oct 21, 2014
9:43 am
Oct 21, 2014
9:42 am
Oct 20, 2014
4:01 pm
Oct 20, 2014
12:55 pm
Oct 19, 2014
8:37 am
It seems that dA finally implemented the changes we beta testers have spoken out against(but not in great enough numbers, obviously).

I've been living with the changes since, well, the testers got them. Personally I don't like it because they've now separated all the information into two places instead of keeping it in one. There are other things that I dislike(everything) because they just can't keep their site simple any longer. The devs feels that they need to compete with other social media sites and, in truth, I don't think they do. There's no reason to take any cues from other social media sites; people who use them may hate their layout and feel but no one knows. I dislike FB more than dA and I can't even begin to understand tumblr. Twitter, so far, is the only site that I like because of its one purpose. dA needs to figure out what it needs to be and so far it has been turning farther and farther away from art and more the placating what seems like a minority(because the people speaking against changes always feels like it's the majority in the comments of site updates).

Sadly, dA is all about numbers. If you don't like something you shouldn't just sit back and accept it. Say something, even if it's only a few words. Everyone receives the site updates, everyone. You have plenty of chances to voice your opinion or agree with others if you do not know what to say. You don't always have to make an argument, sometimes you can simply say, "Glad to see you're making changes but personally don't appreciate or agree with them because they do not fit my needs."

If you don't like the changes dA has made here is a solution: deviantNAV v7 by rotane

I found someone who did something similar to get rid of the 'more like this' thing dA forced on everyone as well as adds when I wasn't a paid member. I will also be implementing this code to change my nav bar back to what it should be and what I want it to be.


After a recent horrifying tragedy in the family I am not myself. Even though I was not close to my Aunt the nature of what happened to her September 25th, 2014 is affecting the entire family in ways we can't imagine.

I personally do not see this tragedy as a 'one person did this, all of them are bad' situation. It does not matter who anyone is, race, religion, gender, all of that is irrelevant to me. What is relevant is what a person has in their brain. Their choices matter. They now get to face the consequences of their choices.

My Aunt's memorial FB page:…
It details a few donation pages both for her immediate family and in her honor to a few charities.

A few news sites about what happened:…………

About the funeral:…

Please read all news with a grain of salt. There has been minor conflicting information as to the reasons of why and how it happened but it still came to the same conclusion.

You're Welcome for the Llama!

You're very much welcome for the :llama:, here are the reasons why I may have given you one:

:bulletred:You favorited one of my works, thank you!
:bulletorange: You visited my page- welcome! Thanks for stopping by.
:bulletyellow: I was bored one day and randomly gave out a handful.
:bulletgreen:You share the same interests as I do.
:bulletblue: I love your art!
:bulletpurple: You gave me one first, thank you!


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ARRD-ART Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Student Traditional Artist
Cheers for the llama! 
Jasmo Featured By Owner 5 days ago
My pleasure. ^_^
Hairysandwich Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Thanks a lot for the llama Jasmo, I hope you have a wonderful day
Jasmo Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2014
You're welcome and thanks! ^_^
SanguineMonarch Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2014
I hope this doesn't sound mean, but what kind of funeral was it? When my grandfather died we were allowed ( i mean no one was stopping us) from holding his hand and kissing him on the cheek.  Was your family able to give your aunt a similar goodbye ? or was there a no touching rule?
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